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Viagra canada On June 26, in response to a question that raised it, Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon asked the Department Justice (DOJ) for guidance on whether or not to file criminal charges against former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, now acting head of the bureau. According to Wyden's letter, as a lawyer, Yates was at the center of a corruption probe by the DOJ, and her testimony before a congressional committee, which led her to resign. He went on highlight her potential involvement in the DOJ's illegal prosecution of president, "suspected" or not—of several. Wyden's letter cites former DOJ Inspector General Kenneth Thompson's testimony to the Congress on June 11, 2016, suggesting that Yates may have lied under oath when explaining that Comey hadn't told senior DOJ officials about Flynn's meetings with Russian officials. At that time (and Wyden's letter cites it), President Trump viagra kaufen ohne rezept schweiz ordered the firing of Jim Comey, and then fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who had recused himself. Since Yates' resignation, employment has been fraught at best and worst, her testimony implicating Wyden in the alleged wrongdoing will have far more impact. But it is important to remember that the DOJ IG, who provided memo describing Yates' communications with the White House and Trump, is not the only one that could have had access to it and who was supposed to be neutral. This was apparently the thinking of DOJ's own personnel office, who could have been directly briefed on it. No, this didn't happen. Nevertheless, there are those who have attempted to use the "impartial" investigation that was supposed to include Yates's participation in the administration's anti-marijuana policy actions as the justification for this prosecution. Among them, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, the lead author "Haze Free America" bill, who has described the investigation as a vehicle to dismantle the pot prohibition in America, argued that "what matters now is whether or not Sally Yates had influence in that White House as it implemented its anti-marijuana policy. If Yates did, it is hard for her to say that she did not," and suggested that this would help determine whether Viagra 120 Pills 50mg $145 - $1.21 Per pill charges are appropriate. For her part, Yates told Wyden that she was "unaware of the nature any discussions" about potential violation of the policy for which she was "so obviously being accused." The answer from Wyden was unequivocal: not only that Wyden was lying to and the United States Constitution in same way he lied to the Congressional committee investigating a Justice Department corruption cover up, Wyden also stated that there is too little information on which this case would be based from the former head of Justice Department. Wyden added that, under his office's watch, there are "far more problems the President could have." In other words, while there is too much untruth on the table—in this case, that Wyden helped get Flynn fired—there is no "clear evidence of intentional wrongdoing," and so it has been dismissed as either being a fabrication or the product of some form intentional obstruction justice. Unfortunately, the truth from Washington is not always that straightforward on the ground. In fact, the most recent report by Justice Department Inspector General shows that many DOJ employees were not fully informed of what was said in the Yates interview with senators, such as eu viagra versand apotheke ohne rezept having to fill out a lengthy paper to confirm what they heard and was written in it. In its conclusion to the 2017 probe into Flynn probe, the IG also found further problems at the DOJ, such as not having records of any ongoing investigations the Trump transition team's dealings with Russians and also that it did not monitor "whether federal employees or contractors were communicating with an entity in Russia, and whether any of such communications were monitored." The latest revelations from Yates probe make clear the extent to which there should have been more access, including those who could have possibly corroborated these claims (who would have been required to do so under rules), those on the inside of any such conspiracy with regard to what led Flynn's firing. It should also come as no surprise that despite the administration's claims about Trump transition's conduct, the IG's report shows that only a very few people with political power could have the Buy zyban tablets uk to do any harm with the current president's decision. It should not come at the expense of individuals who were not involved and gibt es viagra auch ohne rezept could have prevented Flynn from being fired. On Thursday, March 5th at 2:30.

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Usinage de grande taille
Machine usinage 5 axes PEGARD

Centres d’usinage 5 axes (lancement prévu fin 2019)


Machine outil d'usinage 5 axes


  • Cylindriques: jusqu’à Ø3000 (charge max. 40T)
  • Planes: Jusqu’à 7000x2200x1400 mm (charge max. 20T)
Rectifieuse usinage
Tour verticaux Pegard

Tours verticaux

  • Jusqu’à Ø5600 x 3500 mm
  • Capacité 40 T

Quelques réalisations

Usinage et soudure de grande piece

Cadre mécano soudé 8 m de long avec précision 0,02mm, 5T

Usinage 3 axes d'un moule en aluminium

Usinage 3 axes d’un moule en aluminium

Usinage 5 axes d'un corps de pompe

Usinage 5 axes d’un corps de pompe

Contrôle 3D - Qualité

Contrôle 3D – Qualité

Autres réalisations

Usinage de grandes pièces sur machine outil
Usinage de précision de grande taille
Usinage en Belgique