Quality Policy

Quality has been the fundamental company value of PEGARD PRODUCTICS since 1937. That is why PEGARD PRODUCTICS spares no effort to ensure that our products and services achieve or exceed our customers’ expectations. In this respect we encourage the promotion of a culture of quality at all levels. Any substandard products are automatically eliminated so as to maintain our reputation and ensure our longevity.

ISO 9001 Standard


PEGARD PRODUCTICS is an ISO 9001 certified company. This certification is the acknowledgement by an independent organisation that we are correctly applying our quality management system, in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.

The initial diagnosis of the system in place, the analysis of the risks and suitability, the identification and description of the procedures, the training of personnel on the standard’s requirements and the verification of this training by internal audits were all the major stages in completing this long-term work which started in 2016 and enabled us to design a quality system that is consistent with Pegard Productics’ objectives and the requirements of the ISO 9011 standard.

Implementing this quality system has enabled us to standardise our working methods and to reduce non-quality costs in order to improve the optimisation of the company’s resources and efficiency with the aim of continuously satisfying our customers.

ISO 14001 Standard


As we are fully aware of our environmental responsibility, PEGARD PRODUCTICS is also currently undertaking certification for the ISO 14001 standard. Adopting this international standard will enable us to establish new benchmarks within our company for the implementation of an environmental management system.